Reality of a few: rap to escape from truth or a product to sell

Author: Paula Guerrero

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Rap is nothing more than an expression of disappointment and social criticism, through a unique music,  they justify the use of drugs, intoxicating beverage and sex without limits, blaming society as a justification.

It is a form of expression but also an ideology and a way of living which comprises a big group of young revotionaly people.

This past years the machinery of the music industry got interested in this genre (in the mid 80’s and 90’s), and was “transform” into a product of mass consumption.

Find here how many rappers there are in the world and their wealth

Two decisive factors have influenced globally: on the one hand, the apology to a lifestyle with more reference to the slums, which was linked to the use of weapons, drugs or gang fights within the neighborhood, and on the other hand, materialism; the idealization of a banal way of life, where the display of costly outfits (Gucci, Versace) liquors (such as Cristal and Rémi Martin) Mercedes Benz cars, forgetting the main ideology of Hip Hop.

“The art of rap is deceptive. It seems so straightforward and personal and real that people read it completely literally, as raw testimony or autobiography. And sometimes the words we use, nigga, bitch, motherfucker, and the violence of the images overwhelms some listeners. It’s all white noise to them till they hear a bitch or a nigga and then they run off yelling “See!” and feel vindicated in their narrow conception of what the music is about.” 

― Jay-Z, Decoded

Differences between Spain and America

Since the boom that suffered this type of music in the late 90’s lots of rappers started to bloom. Some of them just for fame but there are still those who just look to get to people by their lyrics and poetry.

This two videos below reflect two lives of different rappers, from the two respective countries:

Interview to Ayax and Prox, two Spanish rappers from Granada

Interview to 6ix9ine rapper from New York

As seen, the seven minut interview with the spanish singers have nothing to do with the two minut 6ix9ine interview, who just show off how much money he have in his teeth, chains and underwear, but on the other hand they show their love and how they they became what they are. In the end, becoming a rapper may end up on both sides of the coin, be authentic, or materialistic.

Approaching the mind of a rapper

Often those who achieve the greatest recognition are those who highlight the negative, because people who listen to this type of music want to hear what is real, what they live, and in a way they feel identified with this type of music and makes them feel that they are not the only ones who live certain experiences and problems, but that there are more people among them and that also creates a connection between those who listen to that music and the ones who produce them. It is about “keeping it real”

Felipe, “PIP” about his lifestyle

Pip is a 20 year old Spanish boy which tells us a little bit about his life in music:

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